Jan. 17th, 2011

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Well we lost half an hour of productivity this morning as most of the office lined up to our western windows and watched a car in the parking lot smoke, then smoke black, then erupt in flame. This wasn't a fire, this was an inferno. The car was mostly obscured in fire vigourously pouring smoke into the sky, and causing the car beside it to also catch fire (not as bad), and the car on the other side to be scorched black on one side (though it didn't catch). When the fire department doused it (which took a lot, it didn't want to die), it was nothing but a smoldering husk.

No clue what started, but it was spectacular to see. The office guess is seat warmers (cold day, lined up under combustible material), but there may have been some evidence of sparks as they tried to extinguish it, so it may have been something electrical. We are totally guessing.
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Ok, I have to raise my hat to John Mccain on this one. In some of the poisonous political atmosphere in the US I have ever witnessed, it's easy to assume of any politician the most cynical of outlooks and motives. Therefore, for Mccain to state so plainly what he says here is a credit to his calibre, and to the hope that there really is a chance of reasonable discourse.
Disagree on politics, but not on the worth of the individual, wise words in either direction of the political spectrum.

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