Feb. 18th, 2011

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So...I leave on Sunday. SO DAMN EXCITED.

This is just a public service announcement if anyone cares. I do have a travel plan for my phone, which gives me a block of minutes. So, if you need to call me...go ahead, but if I don't recognize your number there isn't a chance in hell I will answer it (I don't have *that* many minutes). Where I have wifi access, my phone will also usually be logged on to Skype as well (account: mike_pictor).

I will still be on msn or google talk, again while I have the online access.

I am by no means off the grid of course (internet at the hotel, and at the office), but the mechanisms of contact could shift.

I should get some skype accounts of some of the other people in the deaf community, and ASL student community, so I can have video chats in sign to keep in practice.
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More Information Than You Require - by John Hodgman

This books is the poster child for the audio book experience. I actually feel a little bit sorry for the people that settled for the paper copy of this book. He is in the recording studio with Johnathan Coulton, with quips going back and forth, jokes about the timeline of recording the audio book vs writing the papaer book (for instance, there is a part of the book about predicting the 2008 US election, which gets funny as they try and excuse the anachronism of recording it after the election).

I've only just started, but it's making me chuckle repeatedly.

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