Mar. 4th, 2011

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On an intersting cultural note...the Swastika is quite a common sight here. The symbol of course is *much* older symbol than nazi Germany, and the nazis can't claim to own it, but none the less, as a westerner, it of course has an indelible presence in my mind as a nazi symbol. Every time I see it, I still react, despite the fact you can find ornamental swastikas in any market in India, and it's carved or painted into various buildings and bridges. One surreal billboard proclaimed a company of product by the somewhat clever moniker of "SwastikAccessories".

It's another interesting example of how different a world it is here.
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I am getting a wee bit worried about packing space. I am gaining the space that was occupied by 10 small bottles of maple syrup (gifts for the team here), and for the travel pillow of pezchica that I will be "accidentally" leaving in my hotel room and for which I will owe some money, and my suitcases have a way to unzip the lid and let them grow by a couple more I think I might just be ok...but it will be close. (oh...and the space my long gone shampoo and shaving cream took)

The office here gave me some parting gifts, an article of clothing, and a metalwork cow and cart figurine as a keepsake, and I still need to pick up my new outfit down at Laxmi rd., and the stuff I bought already, 1 of which is a carpet neatly folded up....oh, and the coffee mug from the local chain which now has the crown as the best coffee I've ever had.

Yeah. Only the mug is fragile, and a couple of wooden statues should avoid getting crushed, but they can take a bump. I think I'll be ok. I hope I'll be ok.

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