Mar. 12th, 2011

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I think I've decided I want to audition for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Orpheus' next show. It's a good thing to decide, because auditions are this coming week, so I should get on the process of picking an audition song. I wasn't sure about the show, as I didn't know how much work there would be for chorus since I am not likely to get one of the leads, none are especially suitable for someone 6'6".

Mind you...the show did open on Broadway starring John Lithgow...who is 6'4", but I still don't think I am a match for that role. Still, chorus is fine *if* there is stuff for chorus to do. I spoke with the director today, and got a sense of the show, and yes, I think chorus would be fine, I shouldn't be bored.

I've been quite tired this week. Not sure if it's the switch in diet/weather/time zone or getting over a cold I had last week. I had all week off work, so it could also be a general lazy approach to my days as well. Still, I got in some gym time, catching up on some tv shows, running some's been good to have the time.

Considering that....why am I still up? Well ok, mainly because I just got in from karaoke, but considering I want to make a 9:15 gym class tomorrow morning....I should get some sleep.


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