Apr. 4th, 2011

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I am normally an NDP man, though I have voted both NDP and liberal, depending on the people and the issues. Not being crazy about Ignatieff as a leader, and appreciating the Ottawa West NDP candidate, I was all set to vote NDP. Now I am pondering going Liberal after all, for the pure fact that our first past the post system means that Marlene Rivier hasn't a ghost of a chance of winning, but the Liberal candidate *might* just manage to turf John Baird. It's a long shot of course, but yet again, I am pondering the tactical vote, rather than the true to heart vote.

Our electoral system should not be rewarding, nor tempting this tactical voting approach. It feels wrong. I wish the mixed member proportional system would come back up on the ballot...we need to change this. I realize a vote for the NDP, while useless in changing the election results, still represents a $2 contribution to the party...but whatever. $2, so what.
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Horse meat report:

Verdict - delicious

I had horse meat chili yesterday, and a bite of a horse meat hamburger patty. In both cases, it was delicious. It's not at all a gamy meat, it's quite mild in flavour, but still had a distinct character of its own. I think it's a better taste than beef.

Would definitely eat again. I need to try a steak sometime.

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