Apr. 9th, 2011

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Saw 3 houses today (and skipped a 4th scheduled one, too far, no time). They were all interesting in their own right. The first, surprisingly cheap at $189K, and yet surprisingly well appointed. Granite counters, tile and laminate floor, though a furnace that was over 30 years old.

Next, one in Glen Cairn that was surprisingly compelling. Gorgeous backyard (this can't be understated...landscaped and everything), nice and bright, and it had a garage as well, despite being only $209K. Disadvantage? Well....it's all the way out in Glen Cairn, pretty far off the beaten path for me.

The last one however, is by far the most compelling, and yet leaves me with specific uncertainties. It's a small, but gorgeous condo in Bell's Corners. This is the upper level unit of a split condo (so floors 2 and 3), so no back yard, though it has a porch. The place overall is stunning. It's carpet everywhere, which isn't my preference, but that's not hard to change later. Stunning kitchen (linoleum, but good quality and does a nice illusion of tile), nice bathrooms (soaker tub!) a beautiful open space loft area where I'd put my computer desk, and has a view of the vaulted living room window, great fixtures, modern appliances, and great location. Disadvantages really boils down to one big one. Storage space. With no basement, storage is limited to a few passable sized closets (including a good sized walk-in in the master bedroom). However, what has me intrigued is that if I put my computer in the loft (and bookcases etc...), then I have a spare bedroom that would have otherwise been my study. I could re-purpose that bedroom into storage as needed. This idea has made this place by far the most compelling choice so far. It's listed at $225K, which I think I can nudge down (compared to other units in the area, it's a smidge high for a place with no hardwood, and no tile).

Really, it's perfect for my lifestyle if I can trim out some extra stuff I have, and I think I can. It'd be unfortunate to get rid of the nice patio table, and the freezer in my basement (which I actually never use), but for the most part, I think I can do fine. The notion of being in that place pleases me. I like the look, I like the open concept, I like that loft, I like the area. I'd be shrinking my living space, and unloading some stuff, but it's a space that make me smile, and that means a lot. The modestly small footprint also means that if I do move to hardwood later, it's actually not a huge job, and may not be as pricy as it could be a bigger home.

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