Apr. 11th, 2011

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Almost 2:00, and I am not even remotely sleepy.


I am getting peckish though, after laying in my bed for over 45 minutes staring into the black.
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If anyone wants to see the 2 places up for debate right now...

I took a walk around the neighbourhood of Baneberry on Sunday with pezchica. I think I am getting over my prejudice of Kanata...a little bit. :) There are actually some great walking trails snaking through Glen Cairn, people walking dogs all over the place (DOGS), and there is a common green space behind the house with a nice little playground. I may not have kids, but a good neighbourhood needs kids running around being kids and I like a neighbourhood that has them.

Boy can that be taken the wrong way.
I trust you will not do so.

I have actually started a lean away from Wharhol to Baneberry. This is partly based on the fact that I found my list of "Stuff I have to store" which I made last December. Of course, there are a few more things on it than I first remembered. Wharhol, though attractive, would be tight. Baneberry is more remote, and the kitchen is more shrug-worthy (not bad...just not anything to write home about), but really it's a strong contender on every other front.
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Ok, I have a few things to do now. Yes, the offer was accepted. Yes, my guess of 212,500 was a good one, as the next one down was 211.


-Inspector: called - voicemail
-Lawyer: called - voicemail (*sigh*)
-Deposit check: will do tomorrow
-Mortgage: pre-approved a while ago, need to call...thankfully this is not a THIS WEEK thing.
-Financial consultant: "Send me my money so I can write check with uncomfortable number of digits to mortgage"
-Packing supplies

yeah...on that front, if I've lent you moving boxes, and you still have them...I want them back. Thanks. :)

-um...what else, oh yeah, packing (duh)
-book movers (damn it, why can't i remember the people I used last time, they were awesome)
-purge (why do I have this many cardboard product boxes)
-call Minto and tell them that May is my last month (after the inspection business is settled)

did I mention closing is May 20? AHHHHH

-um...address change stuff, arrange internet, etc...
-decide what goes where. I hope if I have my router in one of the small bedrooms (now study) it will reach the backyard.

*collapse* did I mention I got no sleep last night? Really...I probably fell asleep between 4:30 and 5:00

I estimate that mortgage plus condo fees is just a bit less then I pay right now in rent. Property tax will put that over the top, but I think that's pretty manageable.

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