Apr. 14th, 2011

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Since I am dumb, and failed to write the name of the movers I used last time...I am looking for recommendations for moving companies that have used, and would recommend.
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Well hell.

I started clearing out my basement, mainly breaking down boxes for recycling, so I could clear some of the junk in order to asses what's useful. Along my south wall, it a standing puddle. I didn't see it because it was mostly behind the old queen mattress leaning against the wall, a mattress that is now about one quarter soaked, and who knows for how long. The box spring is also damp on the narrow edge. There is also evidence of water seepage along the back wall that has dried up, leaving the dust/dirt it carried, and many of my boxes were somewhat soggy on the bottom. Aside from the possible loss of a mattress I wasn't even using, it shouldn't affect me. Aside from the one puddle, the rest could have only been dampness at most. Still, I wonder when that happened. It was since I gave away my last set of moving boxes to jellyjenn, because there was no moisture on those boxes and they were stored right there.

Dehumidifier is on, most soaked items standing beside it. I am prepared for that mattress to be a loss though.

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