Apr. 18th, 2011

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mortgage and inspection condition waived.

The only thing that could sink it now is for there to be some strange warning bell that comes up reviewing the condo corporation documents.

I have boxes stacking up, and I have solicited 1 quote from a moving company (though i need a couple more)
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bloody hell there are a lot of ways to spell yogourt, yogurt, yoghurt, etc... I am trying to do some research online on the stuff, and pretty have to search all permutations to find all the articles I want.

By the way, raw yogurt ... (arg, now I am second guessing my spelling)...raw yogourt is delicious. Wow, I want to eat large amounts of that stuff.
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Found it from an email in July 2008.

Last time I moved, I used 1st rate movers.

I actually did call them this morning. Rates are competitive enough, though it annoys me I have to pay for them to drive to my place, and to drive back home. I guess I can understand it, but it doesn't feel like I should have to pay for that.

Still, they did a good job. I'm actually trying to decide how much to move myself (I get a free 1 day van rental from my the seller's real estate agent), but unless I want to do away with movers entirely, I certainly don't care to move my own bed, couch, etc... I may try and do a bunch of my own boxes though, along with the computer.
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Riddle me this. A message in my mail from Minto

"We will be entering your unit on April 19/11 to take off fridge numbers"


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