Apr. 23rd, 2011

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So I think I have some aspirations of moving without hiring movers. The real estate agency actually gives customers a free van for a day (not a cube van, but still a van), which I have booked for Victoria Day. The JAD have (I think) offered their van to the cause as well. So I guess I would like to ask people who may be willing to lend a hand on Victoria day, May 23rd to help me move. This will not be a complete most likely, vans aren't big enough for some of my bigger items (couch, beds, patio table, not sure about book cases), but I will either get a cube van, that day if there are enough hands, or maybe the following weekend. Still trying to work out the details.

I am curious in general then, if you are game to lend a hand on May 23rd, and/or the following weekend, and also if you have a van yourself, that's bonus points. I will trying to trim down a lot of stuff (it's amazing the number of things that moved from Lilibet that I simply never touched in 2 and a half years).

The 23rd will be a multiple trip kind of day, unless I got the person power to justify getting a cube van as well. It's mainly because I get a free van, and it's a stat holiday that I picked that day. A lot of stuff can fit in vans, but they would still fill up fast.

Time to go purge more boxes and garbage. It's good to have a reason to do so...but I kind of just want to sit and watch more episodes of Amazing Race on youtube and/or go outside for another walk.

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