May. 3rd, 2011

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So...what can you say about that. I'm still reeling.

-A Conservative majority (which I hate, but I am avoiding the hyperbole I hear from some people of an inevitable totalitarian police state. I mean....really?)
-A strong NDP official oppoisition, representing almost all of Eastern Canada
-The Bloc crushed, losing official party status
-Elizabeth May wins a seat, being the first elected Green party member, and probably guaranteeing that she will at least be in the next leader debates.
-Ignatieff and Duceppe both lose their seats. Ignatieff says he will stay on as leader, so long as the party wants him. Somehow, I am not sure that's happening. I wonder if this will be Trudeau or Rae's ascendancy for the Liberal leadership.

While I hate that the Cons got a majority, I don't think this will mean some of the things people fear. I don't think he will repeal gay marriage, or move to outlaw abortion, because it will mean political suicide in 4 years. Yes, there will be corporate tax cuts, and other tax cuts besides, yes some social programs will suffer, yes the NDP will pound their chest, and loudly say they cannnot support this budget, and it won't make a lick of difference. At the same time, the extinguishing of the Bloc could also bolster the confidence of foreign investors, and May's voice will be a welcome addition to the house.

Like it or lump it, at the very least we have a political landscape that will stay largely intact for at least 4 years. There is a small chance that with the majority, Harper might just relax his iron grip a little, and the house can get to some actual governing. Overly optimistic? Perhaps, however we are rather forced to try and make the best of what we have.
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Is it bad when you are chatting to your manager on MSN, he asks you to come chat in in his office, and you type "be there in a sex".

Whose idea was it to put 'X' next to 'C' on the keyboard.

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