May. 13th, 2011

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Last night I went to see the filmed version of the Broadway show Memphis.

The show was amazing. If it ever comes touring, I will definitely see it live. I am innately remind of Hairspray (for reasons that will be obvious if you ever see both). I like both...but for different reasons. Memphis is much more serious, a more dramatic show, and I tend to like musicals with some actual dramatic depth.

I could have done without the gaggle of people in the row behind me talking through the show. Not whispering mind you...talking. Normal conversational voice tone. I wanted to slap them. What I did instead at intermission was to get up, approach them, and say quietly

"Would you mind not talking during the second act, it's disrespectful of the people around you", and I walked away.

So like petty children (despite the fact they were all probably in the 65-70 years of age range), they saw me checking my phone during intermission. As the lights went dark, within 1 second of the lights out, comes this in a snide tone "Turn off your cellphone, it's disrespectful". Note...I was turning it off. It was already in my pocket before they were half way through the sentence. I reiterate, their statement came literally within 1 second of the lights out. They were clearly poised, waiting on the black. My phone was off before there was even an image coming up on the screen.

They did talk less in the second act, still some, but less...which is something.

In other news, the 2012 Honda civic is all that and a bag of chips. They took a whole host of "luxury" features, and moved them down to the base models...and then lowered the price a little bit. I don't get it, but when my current lease is up (next month), my next lease will almost certainly be a 2012 civic.

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