May. 16th, 2011

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As has happened with some friends of mine, my sweet tooth has changed. I never had a huge sweet tooth to begin with, but it's crazy how it can change. I tried a diet pepsi recently (which has always been sweeter than diet coke), I couldn't have more than about 10-15% of the bottle, I couldn't choke it down for the sweetness of it. While packing up my cupboard, I found my old box of granola (president's choice blue menu), and tried a nibble. I may as well have been chewing on sugar, it was pure candy. 90% cocoa Lindt chocolate is now a pleasantly sweet treat. Fruit also gains a lot of intensity under this taste training. It's been a while since I've had the sweeter fruits, pears or peaches for example, I think my head might explode. Other fruits I have had are so much more robust in taste as their sweetness is that much more intense.

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As thanks for working on the weekend, my boss is both giving me time of in lieu (which I was expecting), but also a free book from Amazon of any non-fiction book (ie, any kind of learning resource).

Hello The Canadian Dictionary of ASL, I have been eyeing you for quite some time.
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This is the best news you will read all day, probably all week, maybe all month.

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