May. 24th, 2011

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I am online (with Teksavvy)
I am mostly moved.
I am only partly unpacked.

What a pain in the ass is moving. Most of the people I need to thank aren't reading this, I'll have to post a Facebook thank you shortly. It's crazy what we ask of our friends while moving. It's a lot of work. We ask them to show up, usually early, do several hours of hard labour, in exchange for some food and beer and many many thanks.

Not much unpacking for today, I have some errands to run which will use most of the day. Tomorrow will be more of an unpacking day. My wonderful moving crew did however assemble my bed, my tables, unpack most of my kitchen, set up my entertainment centre, and helped assemble the computer station. All the staples are handled therefore. I unpacked the bathroom a bit, and with that, the house is livable.

The garage is packed with stuff still, there is dirt all over the floor and carpets, but it's livable. I may buy myself a better calibre vacuum (the dinky little thing I have still at Woodridge is really not a proper vacuum for a bigger place that is half carpeted).

Yegads, what a lot of work. I am glad to be here though. Woodridge still needs a cleaning, and annoyingly, also needs some holes plastered (one of my get the plaster, and some drywall anchors for my artwork).

I'm a bit stiff, but happy to be here.
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My internet service is advertised as 15 mbps. reports that I am getting 30.


It's blazing fast.

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