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This Friday, I get keys to my new house.
This Saturday, I finish packing, maybe steam clean carpets if they need it, and go get some moving blankets form Pataffie's.
This Sunday, I will have a van, and will move some small stuff.
This Monday, I will have a truck, and will move some big stuff starting at 10:00 (stat holiday).

I have some people helping on Monday, I would always be happy to see more (many hands, etc..). At the moment, I have not arranged any help on Sunday (was planned to be just boxes, and maybe a few chairs). If you had time on either of those days, and would like to lend a hand, your assistance would be welcome. Yes, it's a long weekend, but there you go.

Sunday I will be back and forth all day, Monday will start at Woodridge, and move to Baneberry, hopefully as one trip.

Give me a call if you want to verify where I am at, and/or need directions. I would be most greatful for any assistance. Monday is the bigger work day, but some Sunday company would always be nice.

No expectations, some people are busy, but perhaps you have some spare time.

This....is a busy week.
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