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Bloody hell, what's up with the complete lack of updates. I know you're all burning to know what's going on with my life.

Of course right.

I am totally living in a new house now. I am settled, unpacked, happy. There is still too much stuff in the garage, but I am giving away a few of the things piled up there, some other stuff to goodwill, some stuff to basement....I am giving myself a goal of being able to park in the garage come winter. I also have to install the electric garage door opener the previous owner left on the floor of the garage. I hope it works. *shrug*

I still need a few things. Lighting in my bedroom is woefully inadequate. There is a main light switch that doesn't appear to be attached to anything (no, not even an outlet). I am hoping it is wired to a rough in for a ceiling outlet, but I haven't been able to determine that yet.

I am in a show! It's a dinner theatre stage adaptation of the Clue board game. See more here. It runs early August. The music is actually fairly intricate, it's a lot of work to get ready. I play Mr. Green, a wheeling and dealing entrepreneur in a strained business relationship with Mr. Boddy.

I have a new car. A white 2012 Honda Civic. I like it. I like it a lot. My phone can talk to it, and I can call people with a button on the steering wheel and a voice command. This amuses my inner tech geek to no end. There is also a small status screen where I can load the Autobot logo as a wallpaper. This amuses another level of inner geek.

The shift of eating habits (less sugar, more fat, more veggies) continues fairly successfully. For one reason or another I have relaxed on some points (not as a rule, just as repeated exceptions). Working the show makes it tricky to get home for home-cooking, making me rely on take-out more, but I try and be selective. I feel it's had a really good effect overall. My skin continues to be better, I am leaner, the excessive energy I had when I started has ebbed off to more normal levels now which is also probably a better equilibrium. My standby breakfast is also way more satisfying (frozen berries, raw yogurt, shredded coconut, slivered almods, with slight variations) then my old breakfast (commercial cereal of the "healthier" type, but still processed and sugared as they all are)

Most notably, and fairly recently, I have started dating someone. We met online, and get along rather remarkably well. She is into musical theatre (she's done one show, wants to do more), is a very straightforward and honest speaker, is funny, feels compatible, and really makes me look forward to our next time together. This weekend we are going to Shakespeare in the park, and hopefully also to the Almonte celtfest. She is not on LJ (that I know about....got to ask her about that). It's early yet...but it feels like it's really progressed despite that. So...yay.

That will do for now. Carry on.

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