Jul. 31st, 2008 04:04 pm
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I am starting to wonder if there is much point maintaining my wordpress blog. I liked the idea of a blog space that I owned completely, so long as I could share the contents with livejournal, but I am not sure I am really getting anything out of it, and it’s just getting me occasional spam. I have a spam filter on it, but every now and again I have to go in and moderate one that got through.

What’s the point really? If I want to read my own entries, even I default to checking my LJ page, and I know anyone else who reads it, reads it via LJ. The only thing it gives me is the ability to have multiple drafts, and complete any of them when I want…which is nice, but I use it rarely.

I think I might abandon it…or else maybe reinvent it as a dedicated blog to some theme, rather than just the day to day meanderings of my life.

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I would pick a volunteer job that gets me home after 1:00 am on a worknight.

I can has sleep now?

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Jul. 29th, 2008 06:52 pm
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So I checked. About 9-10 km to work.

After work, I then biked downtown to pick up the supplies for doing outreach tomorrow. Kanata to 251 Bank…about 23 km. Then back home, by process of elimination….roughly 13-14 km

I did almost 50km of biking today….and my right ankle is twinging a bit…need to watch over that.

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This is one of the coolest, and most subtle editing of a well known piece of artwork.

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Biked to work by pedal power.

didn’t time it precisely, somewhere in the order of half an hour, maybe a bit less. I had a stiff wind against me the whole trip though. The bike path beside Carling sucks. The asphalt is all bumpy and uneven, I ended up just sliding down to street level again for a much smoother ride.

Good times. I need to buy myself a windbreaker for light rain protection. I wouldn’t want a light drizzle to hold me back.

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A problem like Maria?

It has been solved. My favourite came in second…bah.

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Orientation complete. I am now an outreach volunteer with the aids committee of Ottawa. One of my chief roles, handing out condoms, lube, and safe sex supplies in various bars, as well as discussing hiv related risk factors if people want to talk about it.

First shift is tonight (shadowing under a seasoned volunteer) at the Lookout. Should be interesting.

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The house, it is about 80% ready for the buyer. Helen and I spent many hours excavating the basement, cleaning many rooms, 2 trips to salvation army, over a dozen garbage bags packed up….I called it a day, as the move yesterday, then this today was getting to me, and I kind of felt done.

Then at home, I got my living room to about 80% done as well, assembled some shelves in the basement, ran some laundry….

I am starting to like my living room. My stuff, where I wanted it, with my books, on my shelves….there is something about that sense of stamping yourself on your living space. I also got curtains up in my bedroom as well. This was important. I may eventually throw some up in the 2nd bedroom/office….but I also kind of like seeing out the window as I sit at the computer.

Need the rest of my boxes here, hopefully by tomorrow, along with a chair that is at Helen’s, plus some more cleanup at Lilibet…and I’ll be done….as in done.

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1 trip!

Jul. 20th, 2008 11:54 am
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1 trip, can I hear an amen!


er…close enough. With the help of kattale’s van, we got all bulky objects to my new place in one trip of the movers, which represents a big savings of not having to do a second trip. There are still some boxes at Lilibet, but I can ferry those by car. Lots of cleanup needed still at Lilibet, lots of organizing needed here (#1 on my list, a curtain rod for the main bedroom, there is a walkway behind my house where people can straight up into it).

Trying to decide how much more I want to do today, beyond make up the bed, and put some laundry on….but I more or less consider myself moved now. Zeller’s is in walking distance, I sense more than one trip coming up.

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The internet is alive at my new place. I am connected. Apparently a cable hookup can be threaded up through the heating ducts. I have my computer in one of the bedrooms, with a nicely sized window behind it, through which I can see a nice large tree with branches swaying gently. I just MUST remember to close the window if there is the least chance of rain. This is critical.

The kitchen is partly unpacked, so far I am finding room for everything. Hopefully this trend will continue.

Anyone with a mind to come hang out, and help me excavate the contents of boxes over the next week (after tomorrow’s big move) will be happily received. I’ll spring for a bit of supper, and you can help me find a house from this collection of rooms.

Many thanks to kattale for helping me get a load of some medium sized stuff here, including my computer desk, some lamps, my chair, some boxes….we got a decent load into her van.

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and I packed the curtains already….I was planning to wake with the sun. Now that’s only a few hours away.

I think it’s in part because my house is starting to feel alien….I am now about to tip into a new place, I think part of me is feeling like I should just be there already.

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Jul. 17th, 2008 10:17 pm
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Well…with 2 days to go before movers, and 1 day to go before some volunteer help with [livejournal.com profile] kattale and her minivan (plus I need to be at the new place to receive the Rogers guy on Sat., so that tosses part of my packing productivity) I reflect on where I am at.

First….there really is a crapload of stuff that I am not taking, and I don’t think Helen is. I have an appt. with 1800 GOT JUNK next week. I suspect we will be loading a lot of it in the garage, and just telling them to take anything they see in there. I largely gave up on trying to organize the junk, as well as pack. I am just going to pack what I am taking, make sure the furniture has a clear path, and then come back after the move and see what’s left and start making goodwill piles, filling garbage bags, or just stacking.

My stuff is going well. Kitchen is 99% packed (utensils, and a few bowls to go). My clothes are mostly unpacked (winter stuff is packed), but they should go fast. My office is about half way packed, the computer desk being one of the last things I will pack I suspect. I need to fill a box or three with dry goods from the pantry downstairs ….all told though….it’s all stuff I can get done tomorrow I think (though I may need to snag a few more boxes).

Helen still has a bunch of things of hers here still, though she got most of it in her move on Tuesday. Hopefully we can get that out of the way before I do my full move, I don’t need the movers grabbing the wrong items in confusion.

My run today was longer…closer to 35 minutes….though I did do the full 5.2 km path I had (I often cut a corner or two). I took several short walking breaks though….I couldn’t push through the run. It’s actually been several days since I ran….what with one thing and another….so it goes to show I need to keep on top of it if I want to see improvement.

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damn parking ticket on my own damn street, on the one damn night I left the car at the curb instead of in my driveway.

damn it.

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Today I did something new…something for the first time in my scope of memory at least.

I touched my toes without bending my knees.

I can’t describe what a pleasant surprise that was. It wasn’t even a brief throw yourself at your toes, touch them briefly, and bounce back. It was touching, and I could leave them there for a few moments at least (not for a long time, my back complained after those few moments).

Me = awesome!

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assorted government offices called, and advised of new addres - check
billing services and utilities called and advised on final date of service - check
Junk removal service contacted and arranged - chec….. Hm. I need to decide if I want to book someone to leave a dumpster that I can just fill up as I go (but where would they put it), or book someone to come in and haul it off. The trouble is, I am really not sure how much I need to have hauled off. It’s mostly small stuff. The big stuff, I am taking, or I have given away. It’s boxes of stuff in the basement neither of us want. It’s some accumulated junk in the garage. It’s just….assorted bits, and the thing with small bits…I can get rid of most of it as just a standard curb side pickup by the weekly garbage removal.

Anyways…I have got a dozen or so boxes over to the new place so far, though of course no shelves to stick anything on yet. I am trying to decide how much I want in the spare bedroom. I was going to put the futon frame there, and my computer, and some of my books, and possibly a dresser….and all of a sudden I got a lot of stuff in there. I need to get a futon mattress as well. I decided I want to be able to fold up the futon frame, and the full queen size mattress that was on it won’t fold that way.

It’s weird, at the same time, I feel I am on track, I got time to get things packed and moved, and equally, I feel overwhelmed by how much there is to do. Helen is moving her stuff out tomorrow….visually that will help with assessing what’s left. Either it’s something I am moving, or it’s garbage. That makes it less complicated.

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Got my keys.

-need some cleaning. The linen closet has a layer of white dust that I suspect is drywall dust…or something.
-The backyard is still dirt…it was supposed to be sod, or ideally patio tile.
-paint smell in the air (left the upstairs windows open, should help air out)
-so many flyers inside the door, I had a hard time opening it

-Best parking spot ever. Right beside the door, and no one on my right side, conveniently leaving me an access path to park the bike in front of the car.
-I got a new stove. The only appliance that wasn’t new when I saw the house got replaced. The kitchen seems brand new top to bottom.
-my queen size air mattress got up the stairs with room to spare, so my king size from home should also manage it.

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It’s pissing rain out, yet it’s brilliantly sunny.

Weird effect.

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Jul. 6th, 2008 10:19 am
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To confirm, I have movers coming on July 20th at 9:00 am. However, I have hopes of only needing their services for one trip, instead of two, if I can get some boxes and such into individual cars of whomever is available.

kattale, I may take you up on your offer, I ride my bike to the new house, get a ride back with you, if we can pull that off before 9:00. I will followup up with you later.

It’d be nice if the Bayshore offramp from the 417 is open by then.

Moving in 2 weeks. Eeek…it’s coming up fast.

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May there be a layer of hell for people who calibrate traffic light pressure pads, such that motorbikes won’t trip a light change.

Got some packing done today, and move stuff from the garage into the living room so Helen has more room to plant stuff in the garage. I am thinking about checking out rental prices on a van or pickup, a day or two with one and I can get a moderate amount of stuff to the new house myself. I’d like to avoid having to make the movers make 2 trips.

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Jul. 4th, 2008 07:36 am
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Apparently I have a fair bit of stuff to move still. I was tryping up a list of what needs moving for the mover, so they could do an email estimate (how much furniture and so forth), and they had to edge up their phone estimate a bit. What seems like a few things here and there, kind of adds up when you try and type it all into a list. They may have to do 2 trips to manage it all, which stings in terms of extra time commitment, but what can you do.

Happy 4th of July to all you americans.

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