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Just watched the movie Fathead
Essentially, this was a response to the movie Super-size me, trying to offer a counter argument to the case made in that film.

It was not a perfect film, there were times I felt his approach was actually a bit condescending to the viewer, but he would not be the first documentary film maker to be biased. That said, there are some interesting points to the message. This all started from a discussion with scubajim, and his new diet structure which by all accounts has made him lose weight, feel good, and have an amount of energy that would border on annoying if I didn't admire the results he's getting.

The details are too complicated to summarize effectively, but it revolves around some compelling arguments in favour of fats, protein and vegetables, and ardently against canola and soybean oils, and most grains of any sort. I think I would need to see some more research to get any specific conclusions, but it does make one think. Note also, the film was not talking about the Atkins diet, although there are some overlapping points.

If the tenets of the film and his diet are to be believed (and I think the points in the movie could form a good foundation for discussing diet, but they aren't the end of the discussion), I don't eat well. I don't eat awful mind you, I always have veggies and fruit in my fridge, but my diet really has a fair amount of sugar, and honestly, a lot of grains. I love grains. I love pasta, I love rice, and I ADORE bread.

Do I want to change that? Well...no. Will I change that? Well I am not 100% convinced how much I need to, but I am also curious what results I might see if I was able to make some shifts. The problem is, shifts are hard. Particularly with my lifestyle. I might be home for supper 3-4 nights in a week if I am lucky, and it's not uncommon for it to be less. Supper on the go is quite frankly really damn hard if you were to make an argument I should have fewer grains and sugars. Even a lot of deli meat has sugar in it these days. I have no illusions I would ever manage to cut sugar out of my life, and while I could try and reduce my grain intake, I would never be able to cut out bread entirely. Still...I could make an effort to lower the gratuitous use of it. Breakfast in particular is a big culprit. I may eat "healthy" (steel cut oats or red river cereal), or medium healthy (the better grade of whole grain commercial cereals like Kashi brand), but it's almost always a cereal of some kind (with yogurt and fruit), and usually a fairly decent sized bowl of it.

If I could make one inroad in my eating habits, it's to develop some kind of different breakfast habit. I love eggs, it's just usually cleanup that prevents me from eating them more often. I should certainly have more nuts in the house, and not buried in the back of the fridge either where I forget they exist. My fruit variety could also use some work, I am a bit of a creature of habit on the breakfast fruit front. I'm also pondering the idea of not buying bread next time I go shopping. It's not like I don't get plenty of it when I get my bun with my lunch soup, or stop at Subway for supper.

Please don't underestimate the magnitude of the statement that I might skip buying bread when I do groceries. This is a big deal...and honestly, I may not live up to it. However, less cereal (or no cereal) is something that I might be able to achieve. Also, the stuffed pasta I always have in my fridge as an easy "throw it in boiling water" meal is something i could reduce without too much hardship. Maple syrup will always have a place in my fridge, but honey may get relegated to a more treat category of item. It keeps forever after all. I've never been a big person for extra sugar. What actual sugar I have only exists for baking purposes, so that part is not hard (and I have more a savoury tooth than a sweet tooth in any case). In the meantime, I need to do a bit more checking to see what unbiased (ha!) counterpoints there may be to the merits of the theories to which I have seen a lot in the past week or two.

Oh...and I checked, my favourite pesto lists "glucose solids" as the third ingredient. Avoiding sugar is HARD.

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