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Bloody hell, what's up with the complete lack of updates. I know you're all burning to know what's going on with my life.

Of course right.

I am totally living in a new house now. I am settled, unpacked, happy. There is still too much stuff in the garage, but I am giving away a few of the things piled up there, some other stuff to goodwill, some stuff to basement....I am giving myself a goal of being able to park in the garage come winter. I also have to install the electric garage door opener the previous owner left on the floor of the garage. I hope it works. *shrug*

I still need a few things. Lighting in my bedroom is woefully inadequate. There is a main light switch that doesn't appear to be attached to anything (no, not even an outlet). I am hoping it is wired to a rough in for a ceiling outlet, but I haven't been able to determine that yet.

I am in a show! It's a dinner theatre stage adaptation of the Clue board game. See more here. It runs early August. The music is actually fairly intricate, it's a lot of work to get ready. I play Mr. Green, a wheeling and dealing entrepreneur in a strained business relationship with Mr. Boddy.

I have a new car. A white 2012 Honda Civic. I like it. I like it a lot. My phone can talk to it, and I can call people with a button on the steering wheel and a voice command. This amuses my inner tech geek to no end. There is also a small status screen where I can load the Autobot logo as a wallpaper. This amuses another level of inner geek.

The shift of eating habits (less sugar, more fat, more veggies) continues fairly successfully. For one reason or another I have relaxed on some points (not as a rule, just as repeated exceptions). Working the show makes it tricky to get home for home-cooking, making me rely on take-out more, but I try and be selective. I feel it's had a really good effect overall. My skin continues to be better, I am leaner, the excessive energy I had when I started has ebbed off to more normal levels now which is also probably a better equilibrium. My standby breakfast is also way more satisfying (frozen berries, raw yogurt, shredded coconut, slivered almods, with slight variations) then my old breakfast (commercial cereal of the "healthier" type, but still processed and sugared as they all are)

Most notably, and fairly recently, I have started dating someone. We met online, and get along rather remarkably well. She is into musical theatre (she's done one show, wants to do more), is a very straightforward and honest speaker, is funny, feels compatible, and really makes me look forward to our next time together. This weekend we are going to Shakespeare in the park, and hopefully also to the Almonte celtfest. She is not on LJ (that I know about....got to ask her about that). It's early yet...but it feels like it's really progressed despite that. So...yay.

That will do for now. Carry on.
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Apparently, an asteroid between 9 and 45 metres wide, will pass the earth within 17,700 km (about 5 times the distance as Ottawa to Vancouver) on Monday. That's way inside the moon's orbit.

It's not really a risk, but it always makes you ponder whether it's big brother is just a little further out.

For reference of it's possible danger, if it did hit the atmosphere, it would almost completely burn up, but still...makes you think.
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"The Book of Mormon" won the Tony award for best new musical.

Um....ok...I kind of have to look up the music now.

You know who wrote the music? Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The makers of Orgazmo (look it up) and Cannibal the Musical.

Ok, I DEFINITELY have to look up the music now. Love them or hate them, these guys are actually fairly talented music writers.
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Who has heard of Star Trek phase 2?

It's a fan effort to create new star trek episodes in the style of the original series. They have 6 or 7 episodes so far, and they are surprisingly well done. Commendable special effects (better than the original series, some may find that not in keeping with the style, but I like it), a good set, ... passable acting (honestly, not their strongest suit, but it'll do), and new original scripts. I haven't seen enough of it yet to know if the writing is good, but it's good enough to have guest star cameos from George Takei, Walter Koenig, Denise Crosby, Majel Roddenberry, and assorted other Star Trek alumni.

I had never heard of this effort before 15 minutes ago or so, and I think I will have to watch a few of them. It looks like quite a respectable tribute effort.
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I think I may have scratched my eye.

I bought a lamp at Home Depot, and while carrying it to the car, a pamphlet on top of the box caught the wind, whipped up, and the corner or it smacked me square in the eyeball.

It bloody hurt, and for 15 or 20 minutes, I couldn't particularly bear to open that eye. It ebbed off after that, but my vision in that eye feels sort of flawed now. I can't see a specific spot, no specific dead spot, or specific blurred streak, but just sort of a sense that it's not seeing properly, particularly on the inside near the bridge of the nose.

If it persists tomorrow, I will have to buzz my doctor and get him to glance at it.

update: Much better this morning. I still feel a slight distortion in that eye, but I'm barely aware of it.
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Recopied from my FB event here...https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=149488185124619

77 Baneberry Cres., Kanata
Saturday June 18, 2:00pm until I kick everyone out.

I have moved, I have mostly settled.

Come help me make a house feel like a home. I am welcoming all that would like to come by and see my new place, have a drink, or a bite to eat, and enjoy the afternoon sun, or the evening air, depending on when you would like to come by.

This is a drop in when you like, and stay as long as you like kind of day. Some of you have kids, or evening plans, or afternoon plans, or whatever. Some drinks and food will be on hand.

Baneberry can be seen on this map...
(google maps doesn't pin the street number correctly, but it's the southeast corner). There is visitor parking a stone's thrown from my front door.

Bus: Route 161 passes down Castlefrank, passing right by Baneberry, and feeds out of both the centrum, and hazledean mall.

Housewarming gifts are not needed, though I appreciate the thought. I have a fair bit of stuff already, and I am picky with my wall art.
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If the email address you have listed for me is "ansfrid@gmail.com", please switch it to "mikepictor@gmail.com". The same goes for Google talk alias.

Mail is forwarding from one to the other, but I may as well get the correct new address out there.

If you have pictor@mikepictor.com, that's fine, you can leave that as is (it redirects to the same place).
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My internet service is advertised as 15 mbps. http://www.speedtest.net/ reports that I am getting 30.


It's blazing fast.
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I am online (with Teksavvy)
I am mostly moved.
I am only partly unpacked.

What a pain in the ass is moving. Most of the people I need to thank aren't reading this, I'll have to post a Facebook thank you shortly. It's crazy what we ask of our friends while moving. It's a lot of work. We ask them to show up, usually early, do several hours of hard labour, in exchange for some food and beer and many many thanks.

Not much unpacking for today, I have some errands to run which will use most of the day. Tomorrow will be more of an unpacking day. My wonderful moving crew did however assemble my bed, my tables, unpack most of my kitchen, set up my entertainment centre, and helped assemble the computer station. All the staples are handled therefore. I unpacked the bathroom a bit, and with that, the house is livable.

The garage is packed with stuff still, there is dirt all over the floor and carpets, but it's livable. I may buy myself a better calibre vacuum (the dinky little thing I have still at Woodridge is really not a proper vacuum for a bigger place that is half carpeted).

Yegads, what a lot of work. I am glad to be here though. Woodridge still needs a cleaning, and annoyingly, also needs some holes plastered (one of my errands...to get the plaster, and some drywall anchors for my artwork).

I'm a bit stiff, but happy to be here.
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Everything is packed up. Some of it has already moved. I have no dishes. I have no groceries. I have no pots. I have no utensils.

Sounds like pizza is for supper.
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Dagnabbit! My bed frame is truly well fused together. I have most of the smaller bits of, but the principal 4 corners are all secured by 2 locking bolts each, and those suckers will *not* loosen. I have a temptation to simply smash the thing apart, toss it, and get a new bed frame. I like this frame well enough, but it has had its aggravations over the year as well.

I cannot see how I can get the leverage or torque needed to pry those bolts loose. I am taking a break for now.
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Unpacking in air conditioning is going to be a damn sight more pleasant than packing in the lack thereof.
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Ugh....I forgot how many signatures this process takes.
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This Friday, I get keys to my new house.
This Saturday, I finish packing, maybe steam clean carpets if they need it, and go get some moving blankets form Pataffie's.
This Sunday, I will have a van, and will move some small stuff.
This Monday, I will have a truck, and will move some big stuff starting at 10:00 (stat holiday).

I have some people helping on Monday, I would always be happy to see more (many hands, etc..). At the moment, I have not arranged any help on Sunday (was planned to be just boxes, and maybe a few chairs). If you had time on either of those days, and would like to lend a hand, your assistance would be welcome. Yes, it's a long weekend, but there you go.

Sunday I will be back and forth all day, Monday will start at Woodridge, and move to Baneberry, hopefully as one trip.

Give me a call if you want to verify where I am at, and/or need directions. I would be most greatful for any assistance. Monday is the bigger work day, but some Sunday company would always be nice.

No expectations, some people are busy, but perhaps you have some spare time.

This....is a busy week.
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This is the best news you will read all day, probably all week, maybe all month.
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As thanks for working on the weekend, my boss is both giving me time of in lieu (which I was expecting), but also a free book from Amazon of any non-fiction book (ie, any kind of learning resource).

Hello The Canadian Dictionary of ASL, I have been eyeing you for quite some time.
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As has happened with some friends of mine, my sweet tooth has changed. I never had a huge sweet tooth to begin with, but it's crazy how it can change. I tried a diet pepsi recently (which has always been sweeter than diet coke), I couldn't have more than about 10-15% of the bottle, I couldn't choke it down for the sweetness of it. While packing up my cupboard, I found my old box of granola (president's choice blue menu), and tried a nibble. I may as well have been chewing on sugar, it was pure candy. 90% cocoa Lindt chocolate is now a pleasantly sweet treat. Fruit also gains a lot of intensity under this taste training. It's been a while since I've had the sweeter fruits, pears or peaches for example, I think my head might explode. Other fruits I have had are so much more robust in taste as their sweetness is that much more intense.

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Watching the clips of the Manitoba controlled flood is a bit of a surreal experience. First of all my imagination conjured a torrent of water coursing through an evacuated landscape. It's so much slower than that, just a gradual, lazy ooze across the countryside, following road culverts and so forth, with people in trucks driving around along the edges as they plan the next steering excavation, yet it's destined to be so big. They are making a big, damp, lake here, without even really drainage at the other end (drainage is still the original river once it subsides). It reminds me a bit more of a lava advance. Slow, almost boring, but inexorable, and total. Houses will be flooded. It may take a while to get there, but it won't be stopped at this point.
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Happy naked gardening day.

I have no garden (and apparently it will be a rainy day), but perhaps it's a good day to tour some gardens.

Spring Awakening by the way, is an AMAZING show. I loved it. It will probably have the lock on the most memorable show for this year, and will rank up there in terms of overall memorable shows I've seen. What a compelling score/script/characters/acting/story.
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Last night I went to see the filmed version of the Broadway show Memphis.

The show was amazing. If it ever comes touring, I will definitely see it live. I am innately remind of Hairspray (for reasons that will be obvious if you ever see both). I like both...but for different reasons. Memphis is much more serious, a more dramatic show, and I tend to like musicals with some actual dramatic depth.

I could have done without the gaggle of people in the row behind me talking through the show. Not whispering mind you...talking. Normal conversational voice tone. I wanted to slap them. What I did instead at intermission was to get up, approach them, and say quietly

"Would you mind not talking during the second act, it's disrespectful of the people around you", and I walked away.

So like petty children (despite the fact they were all probably in the 65-70 years of age range), they saw me checking my phone during intermission. As the lights went dark, within 1 second of the lights out, comes this in a snide tone "Turn off your cellphone, it's disrespectful". Note...I was turning it off. It was already in my pocket before they were half way through the sentence. I reiterate, their statement came literally within 1 second of the lights out. They were clearly poised, waiting on the black. My phone was off before there was even an image coming up on the screen.

They did talk less in the second act, still some, but less...which is something.

In other news, the 2012 Honda civic is all that and a bag of chips. They took a whole host of "luxury" features, and moved them down to the base models...and then lowered the price a little bit. I don't get it, but when my current lease is up (next month), my next lease will almost certainly be a 2012 civic.

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