Feb. 7th, 2011

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Fine...I'm dumb.

I swallowed a pop can tab. Yes...it's dumb, I already admitted that. Why you ask? You probably didn't ask did you...you know. I pulled the tab off, and just left it in the can because I had no where else to put it.

Yes, I KNOW it's dumb. Stop judging me.

I've done it for years. YEARS. It's just a habit. Why is it uniquely dumb? Because I am going to India in 2 weeks. Now...2 weeks *should* be enough time to excise this particular object in the most natural of means...hopefully. However, if it gets lodged, I really really really don't need to get a rip in my intestine while walking the suburbs of Pune India. It will probably be fine I realize, but I'd like to know it definitely will be fine.

Yes I know this imposes on me some (cough) monitoring duties. I also plan to make an appt with my GP to get myself checked next week to confirm it's gone (or confirm it's not).

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So apparently I missed a demonstration last week by the 10:23 campaign against homeopathy. A group of people gathered on parliament hill, and tried to overdose on homeopathic medicine.

I am of mixed minds, but mostly amused. The mix comes form the fact that to do so required everyone to buy some medicine, giving a spike in sales, at least very temporarily. However, the gesture is still an amusing one, and possibly informative. It did make the news in a short, 45 second blurb or so.

I met most of these people on Sunday where I learned that a group of people meet for breakfast in a 'living without religion' discussion group at a pub downtown. Apparently it was the day after the "overdose", so there was a lot of joking inquiries after people's health. It was a nice discussion all the same. It lacked some of the debate components that I'd still enjoy finding, but it also makes for a nice excuse to get out for some breakfast on a Sunday morning in a very cozy pub.

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