Mar. 30th, 2011

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Took a second look at the house at, and brought scubajim with me this time as a unbiased second pair of eyes. It still seems like a plausible choice to me, but Jim did notice evidence of a former leak beside the bathtub, and some damage to the sub-floor that likely came up it. Looks like the fixed the leak, but left the damage. A square foot by the wall is kind of squishy/spongy.

That's worth noting. It can be fixed I am sure...but I am not sure how hard it will be to fix, and I'd be without access to a shower while I had someone fix it. Even if I knocked the repair cost off the purchase price, that doesn't magically put that much money in my wallet for a repair (considering how much I will be down after the downpayment).

Food for thought. I wonder if people ever make an agreement to not take the cost off the purchase price, and instead get a cash rebate from the seller. Certainly, the issue should be taken care of on their dime, but I am not crazy on the idea of relying on them to handle the contractor.
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Elizabeth May is shut out of the leaders debate.

I may not be a big Green party champion, I've never voted for them, I am uncertain of the viability of their platform, but Elizabeth May is a leader whose intelligence and debate skills are razor sharp. In the debate I watched last election, she was hands down the best part of it, speaking with confidence, and quick thinking. I for one am really hoping the Greens get one single seat, and she's sitting in it. She's needs to be heard in the house.

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