Apr. 26th, 2011

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Everything is signed off by the seller and myself (ie: inspection, financing, etc...), and I also officially have a mortgage as of today.

All that's left is for the lawyer to do her mojo, and sign a whole lot of papers in a few weeks (and bring in a check with a higher than average number of digits on it).

and of course...pack and move.

Yesterday I passed off most of my sca garb to what hopefully will be a good home. I kept a few items, my shoes, my hat, a few linen undershirts that I would totally wear on a summer day just because (they are so comfy). My single fanciest SCA outfit has to be tossed though, It was in a box that unbeknownst to me got wet on the bottom. The outfit is afflicted by mold, and I won't even try and save it. I will also be passing some unused fabric off to Helen today (from whom I got it in the first place on the theory I'd be making more outfits).

I'm a bit uncertain what to do with the plates/bowls/utensils set I had for the sca. It was always a bit of a mishmash set. I probably won't see any need to keep it beyond perhaps one or two nice cups.

Getting rid of my SCA stuff feels weird, but not for the reason one may expect. I actually don't miss the sca at all, not even a little bit. I am doing many other things now, and that particular game just seems like an echo of my history now. I do however miss some of the people. I miss meeting various out of town people, I missing the after party when we were back in jeans and having a beer in someone's living room, I miss the inevitable Sunday brunch the next day before everyone parted ways. Those were always my favourite parts.
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There's a dog visiting the office tomorrow!

Of course...I can't interact with it, it's a working dog trained to sniff out insects apparently, but it will be visiting every cube and room of our office.


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