May. 8th, 2011

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They took my bench!

It would seem the previous owners have moved out of their place. When they went, they took the garden bench that was by the front walk. It was an assumption on my part that it was part of the house, but really, it's no different than a patio table, just an outdoor piece of furniture. I don't think it counted as a "fixture".

Just as long as they left the drapes (which *were* in the agreement of sale)

In other news, I finally got out to contra dance again, first time since....October I think. As usual, it was the most fun anyone can have while vertical, and my legs and butt are sore.
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Memphis the musical was the winner of the 2010 best musical Tony award

This Thursday at the coliseum at 7:00, the stage version is showing on the big screen, professionally filmed (similar to what they did a year or two back with the final presentation of Rent). It just became the highlight of my week. A very small segment of people reading this would be interested (kabarett?), and if you are, I'd love it if you joined me, though be advised, tickets are $23 (a lot for a movie, a little for a Broadway show, so depends how you look at it). I realize this does not sell itself as an idea to many people.

Thank you pezchica for pointing this out to me.

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