May. 14th, 2011

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Happy naked gardening day.

I have no garden (and apparently it will be a rainy day), but perhaps it's a good day to tour some gardens.

Spring Awakening by the way, is an AMAZING show. I loved it. It will probably have the lock on the most memorable show for this year, and will rank up there in terms of overall memorable shows I've seen. What a compelling score/script/characters/acting/story.
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Watching the clips of the Manitoba controlled flood is a bit of a surreal experience. First of all my imagination conjured a torrent of water coursing through an evacuated landscape. It's so much slower than that, just a gradual, lazy ooze across the countryside, following road culverts and so forth, with people in trucks driving around along the edges as they plan the next steering excavation, yet it's destined to be so big. They are making a big, damp, lake here, without even really drainage at the other end (drainage is still the original river once it subsides). It reminds me a bit more of a lava advance. Slow, almost boring, but inexorable, and total. Houses will be flooded. It may take a while to get there, but it won't be stopped at this point.

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